Gallery Tuur

Gallery for contemporary art situated in the center of Venlo at the Staelseweg 77.

The gallery is specialized in sculptural ceramics and paintings, for both the private and business market. There are sculptures and paintings in various price-ranges.

New works of artists Arjen Markenstein and Yvonne Rooding will always be exhibited at Gallery Tuur first.

Opening times:
Every first full weekend of the month on saturday and sunday from 14.00 - 17.00 and by appointment.
In July and August by appointment only.
Please, call +31 (0)77 351 39 08 for an appointment.

Click here to visit the website from Gallery Tuur.

Gallery Tuur
Straelseweg 77
5911 CM Venlo
Tel. +31 (0)77 351 39 08

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